Microtech Pro Boost
Closed loop, dual solenoid, target boost control (Pro Boost target PSI + Wastegate Spring PSI = Actual Boost PSI)
• 2x separate time based mapping tables. Launch timer (used to control boost in the early stages of the run) & Run timer (used to control boost the remainder of the run) each with 16 adjustment points giving you a total of 32 individual time based boost mapping points
• Engine RPM input for boost correction via engine RPM (perfect for cars that suffer boost drop at high RPM due to high turbo backpressure)
• Separate 2 Step Launch boost setting
• Inbuilt 90psi map sensor
• 2x Pressure sensor inputs to monitor Co2 bottle pressure & Turbo Back pressure
• CAN output to connect the Pro Boost to the MicroTech LTC Dash logger
• Tuneable using the Microtech software or handsetCan be used with Co2 Pressure or turbo pressure (for best results we recommend using it with Co2)

Microtech Pro Boost