The CJ Motorsports FD twin pump module is built from a billet aluminum flange with 3x -6 bulkhead fittings, a 6-position 10-14 gauge electrical bulkhead (and connectors) to safely and professionally source power and ground for your pumps/factory fuel level sensor.
The pumps are held by noise and vibration dampening polyethylene brackets and with internal Viton o-rings.
Basic kits include the flange with connectors and crimp-on terminals, bulkhead fittings, fuel pump hangers to suit Walbro 450 pumps , and stainless fasteners to secure the hanger to the fuel tank. The flange will re-use the factory Mazda fuel tank gasket.
Kit includes 2 Walbro 450 pumps

CJM Twin Pump FD RX7 Kit

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